Tuesday, 11 January 2011

That New Year Spirit

Happy New Year!

Whilst I wouldn't say I ended 2010 on a downer, there was a definite low-ebb in my pre-christmas post about my achievements versus my karate self-image. If you leave the Martial Arts in the first couple of years after getting your black belt - you leave on a high. Returning after several years,or even decades can be a tough choice - and re-learning the basics, or facing up to the truth that you can't do that jodan ushiro-mawash any more can be hard.

But after a short break I've come back fighting - literally! On the 30th of this month the Hon Yoso Kai Tournament takes place, an invitational competition for Wadokai practicioners from around the country, and I'm competing. In kumite.

I'm not under any pretentions that I could medal or even necesarily survive the opening round,but it's given me a purpose and something to focus on. Each class is focussed on kumite now until the big day so I can "forget" kata and kihon for a few weeks and really try to improve in one area, competition sparring.

I think, just like Lewis and his belts, I need some milestones to help me along the path. I may be bruised and battered, but I'm having fun again!

Updates (if I survive) after the competition.

Until then, Tanoshinde!


  1. Good luck in the tournament. I think it's really good to have a goal like that to keep you focused.


  2. Awesome, Suze - how exciting! No worries that you will survive :-). Looking forward to your updates for certain!

    Train hard and have fun!

  3. Good luck in the Tournament. Train hard and have fun.